Many 3D printers today are restricted by their size. If you do not wish to spend thousands of dollars, you’re going to be getting a tiny 3D printer. These are still amazing machines, but they can only print a few inches. While this is perfect for those who need fashion jewelry or small parts, it doesn’t work well for many people. That’s why Robo brought out a 3D printer that is still tiny however can print 8 x 9 x 10 inches, which is much bigger than the remainder of the 3D printers out there. And the bright side is that this isn’t going to cost you anymore than those other designs. It is still simply $500 and you will be getting an incredible 3D printer that can print anything from toys to sculptures! You do not want to lose out on this 3D printer that’s for sure.Best FeaturesThis design is new and improved, so you know you’re getting the finest. They took all the grievances of the last model and developed this design based upon what did and didn’t work. It includes brand-new direct movement and lead screws. The consistency is much better and it carries out better as well. There is likewise a much better filament feeding system with a fast release button so you can rapidly change it out whenever you need. There is likewise 24/7 assistance with this business, so if anything goes incorrect, you don’t require to hesitate to ask. It’s also excellent that you can print at such a large size, which is helpful whenever you desire to make a larger project. It also features a heated bed that helps to prevent any warping from occurring throughout the cool down process.ProsYou don’t need to be reluctant to buy from this business because they have a few of the very best customer support. They are available whenever of the day, and they can help you to repair or figure something out whenever it is you need it. With how hot it gets, you can print with a lot of different materials without hesitation. The printing is high quality and built to last. You will not have any issues with something breaking down, and if you ever have an issue with the printer, then you can just call them up. They offer a six month guarantee on anything that breaks.ConsThis printer does not have a touch screen, that makes it a bit more hard to set up.Final VerdictIf you want to spend around the $500 range, you’re not going to discover a better item out there than this one. The 3D printer is dependable and simple to utilize. I would not think twice to acquire this item.

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